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I also forgot to post this great news from the other day
TUA - awesome
One of my facebook status messages on Friday/Saturday was: Invisible Children just called me up from San Diego & left a voice msg on my phone. If Invisible Children can ring me up from San Diego, you can take the time to vote on facebook for them. They deserve to win $1 million. Please go vote now :)

On the Invisible Children blog this is what they wrote:

Last night, at 8:59pm, Invisible Children won $1 Million Dollars in the Chase Community Giving Facebook competition. It was a week long competition, and it came down to the wire. IC won with 123990, and the second place Isha Foundation had 122742. Not only that, but Isha was gaining on us by 300 votes every 5 minutes. If the competition had been 30 minutes longer… we would have lost.

As you can imagine, when 9:00 PM hit with us in the lead, tears burst out and we all leapt in the air screaming with our already hoarse voices! The screaming and dancing didn’t stop for hours.

We are forever indebted to everyone of you. You called your friends, you tweeted, you put up with our barrage of facebook comments and updates, notes, tagged pictures, blast emails. We pulled out every stop and every favor. And YOU guys did it. Every one of you that responded, even if you did it out of fear that some intern was going to call you again, YOU did it!

We love and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. And we will walk you all through every penny of this money. We will prove that Invisible Children was the best charity to steward this money to maximum impact. And we are very blessed to now be able to help Haiti in this time of tragedy in such a major way.
Again, endless and humbled thanks.

I was so happy to find out that they had won :D And i still can't believe they rang me up haha. Also i only just put voicemail on my phone during the week too so that was good timing.


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