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Please don’t shoot me if you call yourself a big Green Day fan... I haven’t listened to this album in at least 6 months or any Green Day song really, it could even be a longer period of time than 6 months too.

I really got into this album and Green Day in my second and final year of highschool (2004-2005) but had always known when growing up who Green Day were and their music. Listening to this album now in whole reminds me a lot of my final HS years/days and the one and only Green Day show I went to on my own lol It’s funny and i kick myself thinking about it but i had no idea who My Chemical Romance were back then so i never saw their support performance for Green Day.. i came to the venue later.. just to see a bit of Jimmy Eat World and Green Day. MCR are my favourite band currently.. in case you already couldn’t tell ;)

I really should have a sit down though and listen to 21st Century Breakdown. I remember being somewhat excited about it before it was released and then i never actually bothered to give a shot and a good listen :(


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